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The most impactful way to help is to volunteer your time or hold a role that helps helps shape the direction of the PTO.  We host events throughout the year that need leads to manage and helping hands to donate time to complete tasks. 


We always need help on the day of any event, and support in school programs.  We welcome specialty talents in areas like our digital platforms, fundraising, non profits, and more.  


We will update this site throughout the school year with events that are upcoming and volunteer opportunities to consider.

Collecting Money

When you donate to Friends of Sauganash PTO you can be confident that your contribution directly benefits our beloved school.

Your generosity is channeled towards initiatives that enhance the overall learning experience, improve the school's infrastructure, and provide essential resources that may otherwise be beyond the reach of the school's budget. From technology upgrades to classroom supplies,

We strive to create a dynamic and conducive learning environment for all. We are delighted to share that 100% of the donations we receive go directly back to the school, teachers, and students, making a substantial impact on thier lives and education.


**Zelle payments:

Big Impacts from Past Donations

Special Thanks to Our Donors

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